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Capital N°271 April 2014 - ”The little secrets of Daft Punk”

Their gloves made in Aveyron

The duo has ordered to the prestigious Fabre house, located in Millau since 1924, two pairs of these famous metallic gloves that they wear in public.

The singer daddy

Thomas’s father has interpreted several songs, but also wrote “C’est bon pour le moral" for La Compagnie Créole.

The roof they’ve snubbed

They refused in 2013 the event concert that the Rex Club offered them on its roof for its 25th anniversary.

Thank you the insult!

In 1993 “Melody Maker” qualified them of Daft Punky trash. In sum, of rubbishes. The band, who’s called Darlin’, is inspire from this for change their name.

Their first and unique flop

In 1994, they give their first concert in a zouk parisian club. 80 paying entries only.

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